WP 1 Synthesis of self-organizing functional materials

German participants

  1. Self-assembled block copolymers for nano-phase separated polymer-polymer heterojunctions
    A. Kilbinger, R. Berger
    co-supervisor: B.-H. Sohn
    Stipend: J.Klos
  2. Design and synthesis of new conjugated polymers/inorganic hybrid materials for photovoltaic cells
    K. Müllen
    co-supervisor: C. Lee
    Stipend: S. Simon
  3. Semiconducting orientation layers for discotic liquid crystals
    K. Müllen, R. Zentel
    co-supervisor: D.Y. Yoon
    Stipend: S. Moussa
  4. Tailor made inorganic nanostructured materials for dye sensitized photovolataic cells
    W. Tremel, J.S. Gutmann, R. Zentel
    co-supervisor: K. Char
    Stipend: Alexander Birkel
  5. Liquid crystalline structures from inorganic semiconducting fibersin organic semiconductors
    R. Zentel, W. Tremel
    co-supervisor: K. Char
    Stipend: M. Zorn
  6. Synthesis and photophysical investigation of novel boron- and nitrogen-containing p -electron systems for light emission and charge transport
    K. Müllen
    co-supervisor: J.-J. Kim
    Stipend: A. Pron
  7. Functional hybrid polymers to create cross-linked interpenetrating networks of donor and acceptor materials for optoelectronic devices
    P. Théato, J.S. Gutmann
    co-supervisor: D.Y. Yoon
    Stipend: N. Haberkorn