• WP 1: Synthesis of self-organizing functional materials
    Germany: H. Frey, K. Heinze, K. Müllen, W. Tremel, R. Zentel
    Korea: J.Y. Chang, T.D. Kim, K.-S. Lee (B.H. Sohn, D.Y. Yoon)
  • WP 2: Interfacial aspects of nanomaterials
    Germany: R. Berger, H.-J. Butt, J.S. Gutmann, A. Kilbinger, K. Landfester, P. Theato (T. Basché, K. Kremer, R. Zentel)
    Korea: K. Char, B.H. Sohn
  • WP 3: Theory and simulation
    Germany: F. Schmid, K. Kremer
    Korea: D.Y. Yoon
  • WP 4: Photoscience and device physics
    Germany: T. Basché, F. Laquai (J.S. Gutmann, K. Müllen, R. Zentel)
    Korea: J.-J. Kim, C. Lee