Activities 2009

10.12.2009 - 12.12.2009: Research Trip to the Hahn-Meitner-Institute in Berlin

A picture of the IRTG group inside the German parliament (Bundestag).


04.08.2009: Rundum-Paket für den Studierenden- und Doktorandenaustausch in der Polymerchemie/Optoelektronik

Mainzer Chemie krönt Austauschprogramme mit einer gemeinsamen Promotion - Dozent an die Seoul National University berufen.


Foto/©: Peter Thomas
Teilnehmer am Studierenden- und Doktorandenaustausch mit Korea und die Dozenten Prof. Dr. Rudolf Zentel (5.v.l.) und Dr. Patrick Théato (10.v.r.)


24.08.2009: Gutenberg Research Award

Gutenberg Research Award for Prof. Dr. Christopher K. Ober, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA


24.08.2009 - 25.08.2009: International Workshop on: "Self-Organized Materials for Optoelectronics" ; Mainz

Conjugated organic materials form the basis of emerging new core technologies like optical displays, field effect transistors and photovoltaic cells. Further progress in this area is mostly limited by two reasons; first, the charge carrier mobility in organic semiconducting materials is considerably lower than in inorganic semiconductors. This is a consequence of the – mostly - amorphous local packing and the presence of many grain boundaries. Liquid crystalline order can help to increase the local order without the creation of too many grain boundaries. A second major issue concerns the control of the interface and the phase separated superstructure between p- and n-type conducting materials in photovoltaic cells in order to optimise charge separation and the effective migration of charges to the connecting electrodes. Therefore, to make any significant progress in this area it is necessary to include self-organized structures for an increase of the local order and a control of the superstructure.

Dowload Program (pdf 344 KB)

16.07.2009: Special Issue of MCR

Volume 30 Issue 14 , Pages 1139 - 1283


09.02.2009 - 13.02.2009: Meeting in Seoul