Exchange Program

The exchange starts with the definition of the co-supervision at the beginning of each PhD thesis. In order to have an active co-supervision from foreign scientist, regular discussions about the students project by e-mail, telephone and video conferences play a vital role and will be held regularly. The organized workshops within the IRTG twice a year gives a chance for regular direct contact with the Korean counterpart, already at a very early stage. The workshops not only provide a chance for general discussions, but also face-to-face discussions with the student's co-supervisor. For the PhD defence the foreign co-supervisor will act as second referee for PhD thesis in Mainz.

To guarantee the international aspect of the IRTG, each graduate student must carry out a substantial part of his/her doctoral work in Korea. It is requested that their scientific work in Korea is at least carried out for a period of 6 months; longer research stays are strongly encouraged. Each student will work in the laboratory of his/her foreign co-supervisor. It is intended to organize German Korean pairing in such a way that more synthetic oriented groups in Mainz are linked to characterization oriented groups in Korea and basic physics oriented groups in Mainz to applied groups in Korea and vice versa.